Pre Purchase Mechanical Inspections

Looking at buying a new automobile? Not sure of it is a good investment?

Harts Transmission provides Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections in Alberta (inspection before you buy a vehicle). Offering a fully certified inspection facility in Sherwood Park, Harts has been helping the public with assessing the value and mechanical condition of used equipment for over 5 years. Not only can Harts help you with various inspections such as; CVIPs, Out Of Province Inspections, full mechanical and Pre Purchase Inspections but also help with your vehicle maintenance and preventative programs. Why not ensure the long lasting life of your vehicle with a comprehensive maintenance program, ask today!

What Is A Pre Purchase Inspection

What is a Pre Purchase Inspection? We at Hart’s want to ensure that any of our client’s looking at buying a new vehicle or piece of equipment has the full background and mechanical status of that vehicle. By offering a one hour + pre purchase mechanical inspection you will be able to save potentially thousands if not hundreds of dollars on your investment, all while saving you your investment in negotiating any cost deficiencies in the vehicle.

Why not have peice of mind and negotiating chips when assessing and finally making a final offer on that vehicle or equipment you are looking to buy.

Whether you need minor repairs or extensive work to get your new vehicle in top shape and at a proper safety standard, we are here to help! Harts will works hard to meet and exceed Alberta transportations safety and maintenance guidelines.

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program CVIP

We also perform CVI’s following Alberta’s (Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program) everyday and we can go over any make and model of Heavy Duty Equipment, and ensure it passes.

What constitutes a vehicle?

vehicle transports people or goods and may or may not be used only as a private passenger vehicle. There are 3 classes of licence plates that apply to vehicles in Alberta. These plates are different from the ones used on personal vehicles. Any Commercial vehicle requires an annual Inspection, and passenger vehicles over 10 years require an inspection.

How do i register my vehicle in Alberta and what does it take to get it registered here if it from out of province?

There can be many factors leading to successfully registering your vehicle in Alberta. Every Province, State, and or Country has specific guidelines of minimum maintenance levels to their vehicles. It is best to look Alberta’s guide here for more information: . If your vehicle is from out of province, here is a resource regarding how to register it and what requirements the vehicle needs to meet: Alternatively visit our facility and let us help you out, find the least costly way to get your rig up and running.

Looking for more information regarding Safety and maintenance program?

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