Mobile Emergency Service Truck Alberta

Is your rig broken down on the side of the road? No Problem! We here at Harts transmission and Mechanical not only offer in shop heavy duty repair and service, as well as fleet maintenance programs, we also have a fleet of mobile emergency service truck with fully certified heavy duty technicians to help you avoid costly downtime!

We offer full road side assistance 24 hours per day 7 days a week, call us and we can send a heavy duty mechanic right away!

Not sure about costs? no problem! call us and we can assess your particular needs and decide if its more cost effective to bring your truck in or if its better to have a service truck sent.

Benefits of mobile Heavy Duty Technicians

There are a lot of situations where your diesel rig or maybe your heavy duty trailer needs a simple repair. When you factor in costs of towing your gear into the nearest location, there is a huge cost. Mobile heavy duty Mechanics are great becomes they typically can trouble shoot your issues on the phone, and help you avoid costly tows and delays by bringing out a fully tooled service truck to where you are located and make simple repairs while you wait in the comfort of your cab. This allows you to save money on down time (waiting for a tow truck then time spent towing, then waiting in a heavy duty repair shop’s work queue).

Mobile Emergency Service Truck
Mobile Emergency Service Truck

Heavy Duty Repair Services Available:

  • Fully Certified Technicians
  • Full Diagnostic capabilities
  • Fully Tooled Service Trucks
  • Roadside Emergency Service
  • Onsite Shop Repair

We do service most of Alberta but we are easily available in these areas: areas we serve

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