Krown Rust Protection and Prevention

Hart Mechanical is proud to be one of the newest dealers in “Krown Rust Control and prevention, one of the rust prevention industries leading products!

We are now offering Krown’s Rust Control products to our services serving Central and Northern Alberta! Industry-leading rust protection since 1986, Krown is a solution we are passionate to support!

Rust Protection and Prevention

This unique, environmentally-friendly rust control product not only protects against rust but also protects electrical connections and lubricates moving parts, promoting reduced vehicle maintenance costs. An annual Rust treatment using Krown’s Rust Control and Prevention, is a great way you can save you thousands of dollars over the life-cycle of your vehicle. 

The Krown product remains active to continuously repel moisture and keep it away from the metal surfaces. Unlike coating-type products, Krown penetrates into even the tightest seams and spot welds to deliver a much more effective and comprehensive rust protection application. An added benefit that Krown offers of lubricating many moving parts on a vehicle such as door locks, brake cables, power antennas, etc.

Coating products simply cannot do this, and that’s why the team here at Harts is behind this awesome product! We are so excited to help you with preventing rust to your equipment.

With over 300,000 vehicles treated each year, we are happy to be supplying the #1 leader in automotive rust protection products.  

We know how hard it is in our harsh Alberta Environment, between huge high and low temperature changes, large amounts of snow salt and Calcium Chloride on our roads means a diminished life to our vehicle’s body.

We offer rust protection to the following areas but not limited to:

  • Passenger vehicle Rust Protection
  • Commercial Equipment Rust Protection
  • Other Rust Prevention & Maintenance Services

Passenger Vehicle Rust Protection

We all love our cars and as it’s in some cases, our home away from home that we spend a significant amount of time in, it’s only logical to want it to look great and last a long as possible check out our Rust Control and Prevention programs that can be custom suited to your specific needs!

Here is our simple yet effective 9- Step process to Rust proofing your ride.

Step 1: Vehicle Inspection – Our trained and certified Krown technicians inspect your vehicle creating a detailed inspection report before your rust application is provided.

Step 2: Weather stripping treated with siliconec– All rubber door and body seals are treated with our specially designed silicone to protect and maintain them.

Step 3: Floor mats and seat covers – Technicians are careful to ensure each vehicle has a floor mat cover and plastic seat cover to ensure your vehicle leaves exactly as it was brought in.

Step 4: Light housing removed – On certain vehicles, tail lights are removed to allow easier access to the rear sections of the vehicle. This helps to ensure a thorough application.

Step 5: Holes are drilled – Before each vehicle is treated, technicians review the service bulletins for detailed access areas for each specific vehicle before drilling access holes.

Step 6: Vehicle is treated – Technicians access all corrosion-prone areas of your vehicle with specialized tools to ensure complete protection.

Step 7: Holes are greased and plugged – After all the areas of your vehicle have been treated, each area is inspected, 
greased and all drilled holes are plugged with a specialized grommet. 

Step 8: Treatment completed – keys delivered, Your vehicle is returned to you clean and protected from rust!

Commercial Equipment Rust Protection

Preventative Rust Maintenance for your commercial Equipment Rust. At our authorized Krown Rust Control and Prevention location, we perform services on a variety of commercial vehicles including, transportation (logistic), public works, courier vehicles, Fire and Emergency services vehicles, construction equipment, school and municipal transit buses and shuttles.

Our program is geared to reducing yearly maintenance costs and substantially extending the life of your equipment.

We offer a variety of heavy equipment rust protections services to the following industries but not limited to:

  • Heavy duty fleets
  • Municipal road maintenance equipment
  • Emergency Services Equipment
  • Farming and Agricultural Equipment

Other Prevention & Maintenance Services

  • Salt Eliminator
  • Fast Wax
  • Aquapel glass treatment

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